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White Label IT Services - Custom Solutions by Logicsofts

Logicsofts is a one stop solution to streamline your business administration and engagement process. Equipped with an expert team of developers, designers, content creators and digital marketers, we act as an extension of your in-house team. If you are a small start-up, we will be your reliable back office team.

We take care of all those pesky behind the scenes, while letting you take strong strides forward to achieve your business goals. You can hire out services for specific services, instead of wasting your time and money to organise an expert team.

White label solutions


Logicsofts - Your trusted business support system!

We know each business is unique, and we give you the choice to hire us the way you want to.

We have a dynamic team of

UI/UX experts

Front end developers

Full stack developers

Business Analysts

Graphic designers

Digital marketing strategists

Content marketing experts

How does it work

Project Based

  • Projects that have a clearly defined brief, budget, and timeline.
  • London based support
  • Fixed-price quotes
  • Guaranteed deadlines for first review.
  • Quality assurance
  • 90-day bug fixing guarantee
  • Experienced team
  • Phone/email/Slack support

Per Hour

from $15 – save more than 50%
  • Ideal for task based or short term projects
  • London based support
  • Transparent time track
  • Detailed reporting
  • Free bug fixing
  • Experienced team
  • Phone/email/slack support

Dedicated Developers

16 hours Trial (pay only if satisfied )
  • From $8
  • Hire on weekly/monthly basis
  • Hire dedicated team of project manager, developer, designer, digital expert
  • Custom your own requirements
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Transparent time tracking
  • Daily reporting
  • Experienced team
  • Phone/email/slack support

What we do

Our bespoke services are designed to enhance your ROI efficiently.

As your website is the face of your brand, our UI/UX development service aims to apply interactive content and aesthetically captivating visual design principles to enrich the website experience for your users. It is a known fact that a satisfied user stays on the website for a longer time and engages with the brand more positively. Our team assists in,

Wireframing is an integral part of the web design process. We help you create a visually appealing website with the right mix of aesthetics and functionality. By ideating and creating custom designs, we assist in

We love application development as it unleashes our creativity and innovative capabilities in one go. We assist you with custom web and mobile applications that will create a buzz in the minds of your target users. As we use Microsoft's Xamarin cross platform development environment to bring your unique app ideas to life, your mobile applications will work both on Apple and Android phones and tablets. We specialise in development of NodeJs, Code Ignitor, Laravel and Wordpress applications.

Creating a robust user interface is quick and easy with our expert end to end JS development services. Our experienced team of Javascript developers can develop fully functional websites, mobile applications, service side applications, enterprise applications, full fledged e-commerce platforms and custom software solutions with topnotch UX/UI. We create custom applications using popular JavaScript frameworks like NodeJS, ReactJS, Vue and AngularJS.

In this era of digital disruption, shopping online is fast gaining popularity. The reason being the ease of shopping from the comfort of one's home. With our custom ecommerce development solutions, we help you offer your customers a secure, interactive, scalable and visually rich shopping experience. After analysing your target audience, products, specifications and requirements, we customise the themes and templates to design the framework for your e-commerce website. Then, our expert team uses platforms like Magento, Shopify and Woo commerce to build your custom e-commerce website. Get ready to realise an optimal ROI at affordable prices.

Search Engine Optimisation is an integral part of how a business makes a mark in the digital sphere. Our technical SEO services aim to improve the technical side of the website to get it ranked high on the search engines. By incorporating dynamic tweaks and design changes, our experts make your website faster, easy to understand, and quick to crawl - All the magic qualities to attract search engines within seconds! With SEO audit, SEO architectural changes, SEO keywords focussed content and outreach programs, our technical SEO consultancy helps you get the most out of your website.

Social media is fast evolving into a platform that enables dynamic business growth and development. We feel that these platforms can accelerate your business growth, if used right. After analysing your target audience and business objectives, we help you engage your prospects through targeted Google advertising campaigns and social media marketing campaigns. We also help your brand get the desired engagement with our content marketing strategies. When you engage your prospects with effective brand focussed content at regular intervals, high conversion is inevitable. Our SEO focused content is designed to attract, engage, and retain your target audience.

A picture is more powerful than 1000 words! This holds good especially in this fast paced era. Visually stunning graphics have the power to gain instant attention and engagement. We have a wonderful team of designers who specialise in social media designs, infographics, marketing flyers, banners, brochures, media kits, powerpoint presentations and design traces. We sit with you to understand your ideas, and create custom designs for effective audience engagement. With captivating visual effects and attractive content placement, our tailor made graphics can set your brand a class apart!

Skills & Technology

UI/UX Design , Front End Developer, Full Stack Developer, Business Analyst, Graphic Designer for printing companies

White label solutions FAQs

We are not just another digital marketing agency! We are as passionate and invested in your business progress, as you are!

  • As we are a London based VAT registered business, we can provide onsite or remote support as per your needs.
  • As we are a local business, we are more attuned to the work culture, value of time, and legal aspects.
  • We have over a decade of experience in strategically guiding businesses to achieve their business goals and enhance their ROI
  • A handpicked team of professionals who have the right mix of experience and expertise
  • Hands on communication and customer support guaranteed.
  • We offer competitive prices and quick timelines.

You can call us on 0208 629 1504 and our team will take over from there. After understanding your requirement, we will tailor a bespoke service plan to suit your needs.

We can be an extension of your in-house team or act as a freestanding back office team.

You can hire our services,

  • Ad-hoc basis for a specific project,
  • Full time monthly contract to manage your requirements on a day to day basis
  • Periodic contract as and when you require

We give you the flexibility to decide the frequency of service and budget.

Of course! As we run a business too, we perfectly understand work ethics, your need for confidentiality, and legal aspects . Once the final installment of the payment is remitted, we will transfer all the intellectual property rights to you.

This is an unlikely scenario as we handpick our team for the sole aim of giving our clients the best possible experience and satisfaction. In case you take exception to a team member, you can talk to your designated agency accounts manager for instant redressal.

As we aim to give you total flexibility , we do not have a fixed payment plan. We customise a service plan to suit your project, timelines and budget.

We can work on a project to project basis, per hour basis or dedicated hiring basis, just as you want. If you prefer, we can also customise a service package to hire a team consisting of a project manager, lead developer, digital marketing expert and graphic designers. This is ideal for start-ups with limited resources.

Project based

Have an idea in mind and need a support team to put things together for the final version? We would be happy to assist. We offer,

  • Predefined timelines based on the design brief and budget (for first review and final version)
  • On site support if your business is based in London
  • Fixed pricing guarantee
  • Effective testing and bug fixing
  • Handing over the final design along with all intellectual rights.
  • Technical support for 2 weeks post project completion.

Hour based

If you already have an in-house team, you can hire us for specific tasks or projects on an hourly basis. We offer,

  • Expert team of professionals
  • Onsite consultancy if yours is a London based business
  • Live time tracking
  • Detailed suggestions and reports
  • Free bug fixing services
  • Prompt phone/email support

Periodic interval based

We give you the flexibility to hire our expert team comprising a project manager, developer, designer, digital expert and content writer, on a weekly or monthly basis. This saves you from creating an in-house team for a one time project.

We offer,

  • A dedicated team of professionals
  • A free no-obligation trial period
  • Flexible timelines
  • Custom designs
  • Transparent time tracking information
  • Day to day performance reports
  • Instant bug fixing

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