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We know first impressions count!

Our bespoke web development is focused on integrating and bringing all your ideas to life! We customise, conceptualise and construct scalable systems and platforms that are easy to manage, control and upgrade.

Why us?

Abhay and Sam are the face behind logicsofts! Sam is a technical expert and knows the ins and outs of designing an effective website that meets your ideologies and expectations. Abhay, a digital marketing expert, makes sure that your website is all set to meet the new age digital marketing challenges head on!

One thing common between them is the dedication to deliver the best results. Being business owners, they know an efficient website must have the power to garner attention, facilitate engagement and lead to conversion. Dealing with a rich array of clients from diverse geographical locations and industries, they say each day is a positive learning experience!




Digital marketing

Our web development, your ideas!

Our team has the expertise and capability to deliver a full suite of web development services. Whether you are looking for a world-class user interface or a robust back-end technology, our experienced team is equipped to deliver it to you.

  1. Front end development - eye-catching visual programming using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, react js, angular js, vue js
  2. Backend development - responsive framework and web apps using programming languages like Python, Php, Laravel
  3. Full Stack development - Our all inclusive comprehensive front and backend development package.

Our web development packages

Software development

We undertake bespoke software development to suit your needs. This includes conceptualising, programming and testing of apps, frameworks and other components.

We ease your pathway to create, manage and modify digital content without in-depth technical knowledge/skills. We offer an user friendly interface to manage multi user content quickly and efficiently.

E-commerce web solutions

We specialise in aesthetically pleasing and easy to operate e-commerce websites that are all set to elevate customer experience. Single page or multi page, we tailor the website to suit your business model.

Portal development

We specialise in B2B and B2C portal development with keen focus on performance and scalability. We help you with new portals, portal pages, page layouts, widgets, containers, widget settings, responsive pages etc depending on your business objectives.

E Learning & educational

With the rapid evolution of the learning process, responsive e-learning and educational web development is the need of the hour! With our responsive e-learning platforms, we ease the pathway to learn new concepts and master new skills with effortless ease.

Online-booking systems

We help you manage and balance your administrative workload, with our responsive online booking and tracking systems. Cost effective and paperwork less, our efficient online systems are all set to ease internal operations, enhance user experience and save time.

API development

We offer well designed software applications with internal APIs to organise, code and reuse components efficiently. We use a design first approach in developing APIs to share data, functionality and business approach.

Roster management

Well organised workforce management at the touch of a button! Our roster development services help in automating workforce planning, resourcing, forecasting and budgeting to save time, efforts and redundancies. Makes it easy to organise and manage administrative task load.


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Recent web development success stories

We work with new businesses on a regular basis giving us an opportunity to learn new things, business verticals and helping us to expand and grow. We’ve helped many businesses to accomplish their digital marketing targets, pleaser have a look at some of them:

We initiated its campaign in 2017 and we got them a growth of 562.67% in terms of website traffic


Website traffic


We started its SEO marketing campaign in Feb 2019 and we accomplished an outstanding growth of 3253.45% in overall website traffic. And if we just analyse organic traffic (SEO), the growth percentage was 14508.33 in 19 months only


Website traffic


We initiated with their Google adwords marketing. In just 3 months time, we achieved unbelievable conversation ratio of 37.32% (it means 1 in 3 clicks on the website is being converted) which is great in google ads


Website traffic


We use latest technologies and platforms

Magento, ASP, Drupal, Shopify, Woo Commerce, SharePoint, PHP, Symfony, Express JS, Python, Django, Laravel

Web development process

Your website is one of your business’ most important ambassadors. Which is why we follow a meticulous process to ensure that it is a proper reflection of your brand philosophy and business sensibilities.

1. Planning

Our responsive team and your ideas meet at this stage! The discussions, mapping and decisions at this stage set the tone for the entire project. The planning stage involves a consideration of

2. Design

The design stage is where the real game begins! Right from developing a blueprint of the proposed design to gathering resources and information needed, this stage is comprehensive and thorough.


Front end, back end or full stack, whatever your requirement, our experienced team starts developing the framework, interfaces and the required apps.

4. Launch

Launch is where the stage is set for your website to spring to life! The website is tested completely and fine tuned to enhance performance. This stage involves polishing all design elements, enabling interactive testing, studying user feedback and incorporating suggestions effectively.

Website development - bespoke solutions at Logicsofts


Experience & expertise

We enjoy a right mix of experience in the digital marketing domain and in-depth expertise in developing responsive websites. We strive to bring out the full potential of your business with our bespoke web development solutions.


Insightful knowledge

We seamlessly integrate web development and digital marketing techniques! Our experts can guide you on effective social media reach, SEO, Google Ads, email marketing, growth automation, content strategy etc, based on your specifications.


Customised web development

We love developing websites to suit your planned budget and timelines, and help you realise your business goals. From framework to final version, we give you the full freedom to choose every step of the way.


Transparency and flexibility

With us, you get to decide the best way forward - choose us just for responsive web development or go a step further and integrate digital marketing solutions to the overall package. Our team can guide you with impartial advice and support.


Best user experience

We strive to give your users the royal treatment they deserve! Our web design and development expertise will make sure that your users enjoy a seamless experience the whole time they spend on your website.


Dedicated team

Technology keeps changing everyday! By proactively staying tuned to the technological advancements, our team loves staying one step ahead. With the right applications and tools, they strive to deliver a stellar output every time.


Positive digital impact

We believe an aesthetic user friendly website and a bespoke digital marketing package is the right way to establish an impactful digital presence and enable optimal growth. With us, you can get easy access to effective digital marketing tools, resources and an enthusiastic digital marketing team.


Open communication

We keep the communication channels open and honest. We follow a clear, concise and transparent communication model, to make sure that we are on the same page every step of the way.


Real testimonials

As we put our hearts and souls into the process, we love reading positive testimonials as much as you do! And, our customers never disappoint. These positive reviews strengthen our commitment to deliver the best always!


At Logicsofts, bespoke web development is the way of life! We customise your website after an in-depth study of your specific requirements, target audience and business goals. A fixed price tag doesn't work for the simple reason that every business is different. Each website has a unique set of features, plugins, applications and tools. Talk to our team for a customised web development package to fit your needs and budget. Our digital marketing packages start at as little as $500 per month.

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Web development FAQs

While selecting a website development company, there are bound to be several areas where you may need clarifications. We give you responses to the most frequently asked questions related to website development.

Absolutely! Developing a brand new website or optimising your existing website, we are happy to help. Bespoke website development is our way of life.

Not necessarily! An approximation is 6 - 10 weeks. Of course, it will depend on your needs and specifications. While smaller websites can be built in less than a month, larger e-commerce sites might take 4 times longer.

Yes, You will be assigned a team of dedicated developers who will work around 150 hours per month on your project. Our ready to use IT infrastructure and expert team are at your disposal till you get your website up and running.

You get complete control of your website once the development stage is complete. We will assist in backing up codes and programs and facilitate knowledge transfer to your internal operations team.

We offer superior web development solutions at competitive prices! Drastically cutting cost is not easy. But, your satisfaction matters. So, we will review the price offered on a case by case basis.

We give you an estimate once the planning stage is complete and require 50% upfront before the design stage. The remaining 50% needs to be initiated before we transfer the website to your server.

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